Sunday, April 13, 2014

Gearing up for Tuesday's Discussion: Shared Histories

The panel on Tuesday at the Evanston Art Center will serve as a way to open up discussion and jumpstart creative imagination about how circus and graffiti can communicate and collaborate.

Some questions that we will be working on:

* How does movement figure in the production and circulation of circus and graffiti art?

* Who is the public, or the spectators, that both genres are addressed to?

* What role do circus artists and graffiti artists play in public discourses in Chicago? Marginal actors? Heroes or heroines? Villians?

* How do graffiti and circus artists create, maintain, and develop space in Chicago, and how does the changing conditions of these spaces (economically, materially, socially) impact the performance of art?

* How, why, and for whom does circus and graffiti elicit wonder?

* How are both genres treated by art funders?

Check out the program below! Join us Tuesday, April 15th, at the Evanston Art Center at 6:30 for a panel presentation and discussion, followed by a reception.

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